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Enhance your time as a student. Stay connected with your campus and peers, discover events and conferences, and get hired to gain experience!

For Students

How does Propel work?


Find your next career move and browse internships, co-ops, and new grad positions.


Get real world experience at growing companies through projects with benefits!


Connect with students and employers on the platform in industry relevant communities like Artificial Intelligence and Women in Tech.


Stay connected with your campus through school-specific communities


Discover events hosted by clubs and employers on your campus!

Platforms with "premium" subscriptions create an unfair advantage to those that can afford exorbitant monthly fees. Our vision is a platform that provides equitable access to job opportunities for all students, meaning Propel will stay free for students, forever. All students will be able to access every feature, release, and update that we implement.

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For Student Clubs

How does Propel work?

Club Profile

Create your club profile to attract employers to engage with your club!


Employers on Propel are actively looking to sponsor events and conferences hosted by student clubs!
Keep your members updated with the latest news, exclusive opportunities, events and more!



Employers want to partner with student clubs on campus to provide professional development support! 

This could include partnered info sessions, workshops, case competitions, fireside chats and more. Get creative!


Host events and gain awareness by engaging with your members and school communities!
For Employers

Benefits to using Propel

Student Clubs
Find relevant student clubs to partner with
Post internship, co-op and new grad positions to the job board
Host events and stay connected with your attendees
Brand Awareness
Increase your brand awareness through partnerships and communities
Sustainable Pipeline
Build a sustainable pipeline through relationships with student clubs
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